Folk Fest Turns Governors Island Porches Into Stages
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This year, those offerings included scene staples like Sheriff Bob, and up-and-comers like The Racket River Girls and Glaser Drive. “The goal is to make music a shared, participatory thing,” Boguszewski said. “Not just a couple of really good musicians, but all the people with a banjo sitting in their trunk.”

Alex Mehl
A band of sisters - New Jersey: Jewish Standard

Glaser Drive is, from left, Doren Glaser, Eden Glaser Mehl, Faige Glaser Drapkin, Chaya Glaser, Erik Nausland, David Keesey, and Elly Geldwerth. Abbie Sophia Photography It makes sense, really. There was music everywhere. They were a family immersed in music, four sisters who sang together for years, a talented songwriter, and dreams for the future […]

Alex Mehl